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  • Sat 08 Jun, 2024 - Sat 19 Oct, 2024
  • Siesmayerstraße , Frankfurt
  • 10.0 EUR
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Shaolin Masteryourownway Kung Fu Class

Performing Arts, Mind & Body


Shaolin Kung Fu is the traditional Martial Arts from China Shaolin Temple, practiced by Shaolin Monks, since the 8th century.
The shaolin monks were originally trained in fighting techniques to fend off robberies. in the 8th century, the buddhist scholar Bodhidharma came to the monastery from India. Inspired by him, the fighting techniques were further developed into kung fu and the ancie...

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Language: English

Class type: Offline

Location: Siesmayerstraße , Frankfurt

Date and Time:

  • Time zone: (UTC +02:00) Europe/Belgrade
  • Start: Sat 08 Jun, 2024 at 11:30 AM
  • End: Sat 19 Oct, 2024 at 11:30 AM

Ticket price: 10.0 EUR

Total number of tickets: 20

Remaining tickets: 20

  • By Jan Peter

    Hey there! I am Master Jan.

    I trained Martial Arts since i was 10 years old in a MMA &...