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Jan Peter

Mind & Body

Busan, Frankfurt Grüneburg

Who am I?

Hey there! I am Master Jan.

I trained Martial Arts since i was 10 years old in a MMA – Kung Fu School
“Torii-Kung Fu” first.
There i learned from different Martial-Arts-Styles over the world like Escrima, Capoeira, Kinestik, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Wing Chun and a lot of more. All different Martial Arts Styles unite to one Style. That’s increased my interest about alle Martial – Arts Styles but especially to Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu is for me everything because it’s not only about the fight techniques, it is about your thoughts, your feelings, your inner Strength, it teach you that the real power comes from inside of you and that is what i am gonna teach you too!
Later i was fascinated by the story of Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa and the digital Nomads, so i had the Idea to unite Martial-Arts into a inner journey between inner Strength and to reach your own freedom through the strength and philosphy of Martial – Arts. 


Since 2020 I am an Kung Fu Trainer on Joylists, trained 10 years in Germany Frankfurt from Shaolin Wahnam (Southern Kung Fu Style) and  (northern Wushu style) by Shi Yanbing Master Wu and 3 years in Thailand Wushu by
Shaolin Master Shi Yan Yang  and combined both styles together with the Shaolin Philosophy to my own Brand 
"Shaolin Masteryourownway Kung Fu" 

...which bring all styles together in one which all I have learned giving to my students and they get the full holistic spiritual way and all styles of Shaolin Kung Fu taught in just 2 hours in every class. 

When I teach my students I feel always happiness because a dream come true to teach them to become their master or their good life to take over their thoughts, feelings that they can make the best choices for their life and be strong even through hard times because they will have control over their body and spirit and can go strong thorugh Life like a holistic Shaolin Warrior.

I have started my Masteryourownway - Kung FU Courses with my students 2020 during corona time while every sport was closed, we started to train Kung Fu in Grüneburgpark Frankfurt free for everyone without any districtions or lockdown, because that's not the spiritual Shaolin Way. Martial Arts is about freedom for your inner peace and to fight for your freedom. After Corona time since summer 2022 more people have started to work remotely even me I am most of the year living in other countries now, so if you want find out more about my personal Shaolin Masteryourownway brand you can visit my profile on joylist's and book yourself a ticket for my next martial arts retreat in South Korea. 😊

Jan Peter's Post:

Jan Peter

07 June 2023

South Korea Martial Arts Retreat Preparations.