Who Are We?

Joylists is your go-to destination for unlocking your inner creativity. With a variety of fun and engaging activities to choose from, you can learn new skills or participate in artistic performances. Our platform supports local creatives, so you can feel good about discovering your passion while giving back to your community. Start exploring and experience the joy of creativity today.

Who we are
What we do

What We Do?

We are passionate about supporting local creatives and providing opportunities for them to showcase their talents. Our platform allows creatives to easily organize classes, workshops, and performances at their convenience, while also helping them to earn a stable income doing what they love. With Joylists, it is easy to discover new creative activities and support your local community at the same time.

Why Joylists?

At Joylists, we are all about discovering what brings you happiness and helping you reconnect with your inner child. Our founder's love of dance brings her back to a time when she was 10, dancing in the rain without a worry in the world. For her, that's happiness. What about you? What childhood passion or hobby brings you joy? Joylists is here to help you explore new experiences and rediscover old ones that light up your life. Start exploring today and find your happy place.

Our Values

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Joylists allows you to explore or experience creative activities near you from your local creatives. You can be part of something fun and reconnect with the inner child in you.
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Joylists is all about creative activities. Studies proved that creative activities have protective effects on mental well-being. So join us!
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Discover an urban creative community with Joylists, where like-minded individuals come together to meet, and make new friends. Still unsure? Take a look at our member’s feedback.
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For organizations and companies

At Joylists, we're here to help make your next company event or function a success. Whether you are looking to book an artist, a service like lighting or sound systems, or you are searching for a specific workshop or performance, you have come to the right place. Simply reach out to us with your requirements and we will help make it happen. Let Joylists take the stress out of planning your next event and help bring your creative vision to life.

Small Team. Big Heart

We are passionate about making a difference in the creative community. Our mission is to provide a stage for independent creatives to showcase their talents, no matter where they are. If you share our passion and want to be a part of our community, we invite you to reach out to us today. Let's make a difference together.

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Iryna Korenkova- Photographer
“I was starting out my photography business in Frankfurt, Germany and I needed support. I believed in what Joylists was trying to do and it is working.”
Rena Kato - Singer song writer & Japanese calligrapher
“I love Joylists. I believe that what they are doing helps a lot of artists, as well as enriches people's lives. Thank you Joylists! :blush: :boom:”
Jan Peter - Kungfu master
“If you're a Creative, you can create your own classes or events smoothly online to build up your own local students community. For me, Joylist was the best tool and platform to bring my passion to a local community. When I teach my students, I felt happiness because it is my dream for my students to become the master of their own thoughts, feelings. Joylists team have built a treasure :coin: with the platform: to bring people together and follow their own passions. I am so thankful for them for giving the opportunity to organize my first ever classes. For future, I wish that the platform will expand worldwide so I can still use it when I am in other countries for my martial art retreats.”
Die Comedy Werkstatt - Stand up comedians
“Die Comedy Werkstatt appreciates Joylists because for creatives like us or anyone with creative talents, it is very difficult to reach out to people who are interested and get in touch with them. We are very happy that the team at Joylists has worked with us closely last year to find our community, work with our community and spread Joy to each and everyone who are in our show.”
Le Hai - Vietnamese food home chef
“Danke Joylists für die tolle Organisation. Ich kann damit nicht nur mein Hobby erfüllen, sondern auch viele neue nette Leute kennenlernen.”
“Hey. Thanks for organizing the event yesterday. It was amazing and kudos to what you are doing to promote local artist. Hope you finish the whole hike.”
“I thoroughly appreciate Joylists; it’s an excellent concept!”
“I really enjoy Joylists, really good idea!”
Jan Peter
“Very enjoyable helpful platform to get to know very interesting beautiful heartful people around Frankfurt and join exciting Fun Events together. I can highly recommend Joylists to learn ...”